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Our courses

Try freedive

This is the course if you still do not have experience but want to learn about this sport.
You only have to know how to swim and want to improve your skills safely.

Begginers course

If you know how to swim and want to improve your skills significantly in a safe way, you can do it with this course. In two days we will teach you the basics of freediving and you will put it into practice, releasing your potential to improve in a very short time.

Advanced course

If you are already a freediver and want to learn and improve your technique, dive longer and deeper, this course is ideal for you.
Learn how to improve your free fall and learn to plan workouts while constantly increasing your skills.

Master course - instructor assistant

This is the pre-instructor course. You will learn to attend courses and conduct certain activities, as well as deep compensation technique (mouthfill) to unlock your limits.


Single training

10 trainings pack